VKG8 Vegatek Guardian

Cod. VKG8

Polymer belt holster.
Thermo molded for a perfect fit.
Double safety mechansim on the top and on the trigger guard safety. Duty or Law Enforcement uses.
Safety level IV.
Safety Sytem details and instructions.

• 100% Kydex polymer
• Thermo molded construction
• Retention screws to adjust the retention force
• Double semiautomatic safety mechanism: when you introduce the pistol in holster the first safety on the trigger guard enter automatically to close the second safety it is necessary to move the rotative lace on the pistol to open the both safeties press the lever with the thumb in the middle surface (together the second safety little catch)
• Polymer belt loop with adjustment angle
• Max 2 1/4″ belts 
• Compatible with different accessories (see relative products)

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