About us

Calicantus, Vega Holster srl e-shop partner, gives the oppurtunity to buy directly on-line the best production of this historical italian company, famous all over the world for the quality of materials, design and constant research of innovative solutions.

Through a fast and simply web surfing, you could find all the news and features of each single product and buy it in a few and easy clicks: “made in Italy” design and quality have never been so close.

Vega Holster History    

Established in 1993, Vega Holster has built a worldwide reputation of exceptional quality, performance and innovation...

Proven Reliability    

Our own brands are sold to thousands of retailers and distributors worldwide, many of whom have been our
customers for...

Technology and Design    

Vega Holster can offer a full service operation with our experienced multi-tasked staff, that can take your product f...